We have a vision: deeply rooted in the long tradition of the travelling entertainers, we - the artists of SALTIMBANQUES DU PARADIS would like to revive and preserve the spirit of the travelling entertainers for our customers.

Once we moved through the country in order to entertain and to astonish emperors, kings and noblemen with our arts. Today you can engage us to enchant your customers or guests for the occasion you choose.

SALTIMBANQUES DU PARADIS was born in Paris, the city of lovers and the fine arts, in 1977, in front of the Centre Pompidou and on Montmartre, where the elite of the street artists still present their fascinating talents to an astonished public.

Gilbert, founder of SALTIMBANQUES DU PARADIS and "President" of the Paris Street Artists, had the idea to organize the artists of the streets. SALTIMBANQUES DU PARADIS does not see itself as an agency, but as a unique cast of the best street artists in Europe that can be booked for almost every event. The persons to contact are the artists themselves.